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Users of Amto AI
Users of Amto AI
Users of Amto AI
Users of Amto AI

The Choice of 2500+ Law Firms, Corporations, Universities, and Governments Worldwide!

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Are you tired of spending countless hours drafting and revising boilerplate and mundane clauses? On average, Lawyers spend around 300 hours every year* drafting and revising contracts. Now with Amto, you can draft better contracts in a fraction of the time!

It Works Where You Draft

Amto integrates directly into your favorite Apps such as MS Word and Outlook. No more switching between programs and no more wasted time!

Contextual Recommendations

Amto shares recommendations based on the existing conventions and styles followed by you in the draft agreement.

Focus on High Impact Issues

Spend less time creating boilerplate and repetitive tasks and more time on what matters: getting meaningful results for your clients.

Draft Contracts 5X Faster

Amto can provide suggestions on a single clause or entire section, increasing your productivity 5X.

Avoid Risky Language

Draft clearer, more defensible language that all parties understand. Amto can also flag risky or unusual terms for you.

Revise Contracts in Days Minutes

Amto can intelligently identify revisions that may affect other clauses. Get instant alternative versions of a clause as per your instructions.

Latest Features

Draft Better Contracts 5X Faster

Generate new clauses for your contracts using AI

New Clauses

Amto is great at suggesting relevant language for a clause or whole section, based on the current context or your instructions.

Revise / Modify clauses with Amto Ai

Revision / Modification

Select the clause or paragraph of the contract you want to revise and simply enter your instructions to get instant alternatives from Amto. You select which to keep and which to discard.

Create an accurate summary of the whole contract with the help of AI


Amto can summarize the whole or part of a contract, minimizing the time you spend on responding to questions and drafting email responses to clients or counterparties.

Add missing clauses to the contract with AI

Missing Clauses

Depending upon your preferences, Amto can list the critical clauses or languages missing from the contract.

Add negotiation points to contact with the help of AI


Every lawyer knows drafting an agreement is only the first step. Once it is completed, Amto can also suggest common points of negotiation.

Build Better Relationships

Amto is the ultimate tool for lawyers who want to build strong relationships with their clients through effective communication. It understands that effective communication is about more than just the message – it's also about the tone and style.

Just as you will use different tones and jargon when communicating with a legal head of a multi-national corporation compared to the owner of a small business, Amto is designed to help you tailor your messages to each individual client, ensuring that your emails are clear, concise, and compelling.

Amto is designed to help you create a lasting impression with your clients so that they trust you and want to work with you again and again. It can automatically generate:

Personalized reminders

Personalized reminders to clients for upcoming court hearings and deadlines.

Customized updates

Customized updates to inform clients regarding any progress in their cases.

Tailored compilation of recent legal news

Tailored compilation of recent legal news or updates relevant to a client.

Summary of various client communications

Summary of various client communications for your Information System.

Answers to common legal queries

Answers to common legal queries from new or old clients, thereby saving you time.

Personalized greetings for Clients

Personalized greetings for Clients’ birthdays, marriage, or work anniversaries.

Contract Templates

Customise Tailor-made Templates using ChatGPT

Streamline your agreement and contract creation with our pre-made customizable templates, tailored to meet all of your Legal requirements.

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Plans that Start Free and Fit your Needs

With our simple plans, leverage the power of AI to streamline your legal work. Let’s create smart legal solutions together.

Yearly Save 12%


$99 / month

Billed Annually

$149 / month

Billed Monthly

Try out all features in the Basic Plan to get a taste of the wonderful world of AI assisted Legal Drafting

  • 5,000 Words/Month
  • AI powered Drafting Suggestions
  • AmtoChat - Legal equivalent of ChatGPT
  • Revision / Modification Suggestions
  • Contract Review / Abstraction
  • 10 Document Creation / Review
  • 20 entries in Clause Library
  • Custom Templates
  • Standard support


Reduce cost and boost efficiency of your legal team with our tailored solution and premium support

Everything in Pro, plus
  • Custom number of words/Month
  • Custom number of users
  • White Glove Onboarding
  • Manage team members' roles
  • Premium support
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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