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Gain Instant Insight with Amto Contract IQ Backed by Market Data

Amto has been trained on millions of data points and understands contract trends and industry standards.

Get instant access to vital pieces of information in any contract.

Tap into a vast database of anonymized negotiated contracts for strategic advantage.

Immediately assess any contract’s strengths and weaknesses.

Leverage a vast repository of contract data to review contracts.

Negotiate confidently armed with AI-backed insights on industry best practices.

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Why Choose Amto Contract IQ?
Better Results
Increase Revenue

Amto Contract IQ is your catalyst for revenue growth. Streamline contract review and redlining processes, accelerate sales cycles, and unlock new business opportunities.

Lawyers in the Loop
Mitigate Risks

Protect your business with Amto's robust risk analysis. Identify potential pitfalls, ensuring contracts align with your strategic objectives and legal compliance.

Compliance Matters
Swift Collaboration

Amto's intuitive interface facilitates collaboration within teams be it legal or business, ensuring contracts are reviewed efficiently and decisions are made promptly.

You Know Your Contract Review Could Benefit From AI - Let us Show How

Embrace the latest AI technology to enhance your legal research and drafting processes.


Frequently asked questions

Amto provides an automated, no-code solution for contract review and redlining, offering quick insights into hidden risks and compliance issues.

Amto utilizes AI-backed insights to provide valuable information on industry standards, allowing users to:

  • Swiftly identify often hidden contract insights and risks.
  • Understand contract trends and industry standards.
  • Negotiate confidently by leveraging market data.
  • Make informed choices.
  • Focus on high impact issues.

Amto Contract Review streamlines contract processes, accelerates sales cycles, and uncovers new business opportunities, acting as a catalyst for revenue growth.

Amto's robust risk analysis identifies potential pitfalls, ensuring contracts align with strategic objectives and legal compliance, providing protection for your business.

Amto's intuitive interface fosters efficient collaboration within teams, whether legal or business-oriented, ensuring contracts are reviewed promptly and decisions are made collaboratively.

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