Americans are increasingly turning to the Internet for legal guidance. This blog uncovers the pressing legal questions that are capturing Americans' attention in 2023. We studied over 8,000 legal search queries to bring you a detailed map and statistics that highlight the nation's legal curiosities and concerns.

Insights into America's Legal Interests

Our meticulously crafted map provides a visual representation of the most searched legal topics across the United States. From Texas’ heightened interest in abortion laws to Colorado’s inquiries about marijuana legislation, this study paints a picture of the diverse legal issues that are top-of-mind for Americans.

Key Findings

Finding #1

Indictments topped the list, potentially due to high-profile cases or rising interest in criminal justice.

Finding #2

Marriage & Divorce followed closely, with regional variations suggesting a link to social dynamics and legal changes.

The data indicates regions like Texas and Florida are particularly invested in these topics, potentially reflecting the social dynamics and legislative changes impacting marital and divorce laws. The search intensity in these areas may also mirror the cultural attitudes toward marriage and the procedural complexities of divorce.

Finding #3

Searches for Marijuana legalization and Abortion access reflect national conversations on these hot-button topics.

The Most Searched Questions in the U.S.

In the ever-evolving legal climate of the U.S., citizens are turning to search engines for guidance on a variety of issues. The list below represents the most frequent legal inquiries, highlighting the subjects that are drawing the nation's attention and reflecting the current state of American concerns.

Keywords Categories Search Volume
what does indictment mean Indictments 110,000.00
what is a prenup Marriage & Divorce 33,100.00
what is an indictment Indictments 33,100.00
states where weed is legal Marijuana 27,100.00
what is probate Estates 22,200.00
where is weed legal Marijuana 18,100.00
how to trademark a name Intellectual Property 14,800.00
what is a felony Criminal Law 14,800.00
what is alimony Marriage & Divorce 14,800.00
countries where prostitution is legal Prostitution 12,100.00
how to file for divorce Marriage & Divorce 12,100.00
how to patent an idea Intellectual Property 12,100.00
what is a misdemeanor Criminal Law 12,100.00
what is arbitration Estates 12,100.00
what is bankruptcy Bankruptcy 12,100.00
what is power of attorney Power of Attorney 12,100.00
what percentage of marriages end in divorce Marriage & Divorce 12,100.00
where is abortion legal Abortion 12,100.00
where is prostitution legal Prostitution 12,100.00
how much does a divorce cost Marriage & Divorce 9,900.00
how to get power of attorney Power of Attorney 9,900.00
what happens after an indictment Indictments 9,900.00
how does a bail bond work Criminal Law 8,100.00
how to file bankruptcy chapter 7 Bankruptcy 8,100.00
states where abortion is legal Abortion 8,100.00
what is a patent Intellectual Property 8,100.00
what is a trademark Intellectual Property 8,100.00
what is an estate sale Estates 8,100.00
what is mediation Power of Attorney 8,100.00
who can override a power of attorney Power of Attorney 8,100.00
countries where weed is legal Marijuana 6,600.00
how does bail work Criminal Law 6,600.00
how much does it cost to file bankruptcy Bankruptcy 6,600.00
how to get a divorce Marriage & Divorce 6,600.00
what is a durable power of attorney Power of Attorney 6,600.00
what is copyright Intellectual Property 6,600.00
what is defamation Defamation 6,600.00
how long does a divorce take Marriage & Divorce 5,400.00
how long does a divorce take Marriage & Divorce 5,400.00
how many marriages end in divorce Marriage & Divorce 5,400.00
how to file for bankruptcy Bankruptcy 5,400.00
how to file for divorce in texas Marriage & Divorce 5,400.00
how to get a patent Intellectual Property 5,400.00
how to trademark a logo Intellectual Property 5,400.00
what does probate mean Estates 5,400.00
what is an estate Estates 5,400.00
what is chapter 11 bankruptcy Bankruptcy 5,400.00
what is probate court Estates 5,400.00
where is prostitution legal in the us Prostitution 5,400.00
why is delta 8 legal Marijuana 5,400.00
how long does a patent last Intellectual Property 4,400.00

Here's What America Searched Most in 2023

The following list provides a snapshot of the most searched legal questions in the US (by category) in 2023:

  • Understanding Charges: What does an indictment mean? (Top question in Indictments)
  • Protecting Your Ideas: How to trademark a name (Top question in Intellectual Property)
  • Preparing for Marriage: What is a prenuptial agreement (prenup)? (Top question in Marriage)
  • Navigating Divorce: What is alimony? (Top question in Divorce)
  • Settling Estates: What is probate? (Top question in Estates)
  • Understanding Crime: What is a felony? (Top question in Criminal Law)
  • Marijuana Laws: Where is marijuana legal? (Top question in Marijuana)
  • Reproductive Rights: Where is abortion legal? (Top question in Abortion)
    Note: Legal access to abortion may have changed since 2023.
  • Power of Attorney: How to get power of attorney? (Top question in Power of Attorney)

Analysis by Category

Methodology Behind the Data

In our quest to compile the ultimate list of America’s most searched legal questions, we began by sifting through our vast keyword database. Our goal was to isolate legal queries from millions of search terms. We meticulously filtered out irrelevant keywords and eliminated those with negligible search volume over the past year.

Our refined approach resulted in a concentrated pool of approximately 8,000 legal-focused search terms. These terms were then analyzed using our advanced search volume analysis tool, a platform trusted by industry leaders ranging from premier law firms to influential media houses.

The culmination of this rigorous process was a ranked compilation of queries that unveiled the legal topics Americans sought out most fervently in search engines throughout 2023.